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Table 1 Pearson’s correlation coefficients among three seed germination-related traits (GR, SL & FW) based on agronomic data of LM6 and ZM6 RIL populations under natural and artificial aging conditions

From: Whole-genome mapping identified novel “QTL hotspots regions” for seed storability in soybean (Glycine max L.)

Treatment Trait LM6 ZM6
Natural aging SL 0.552b   0.528b  
FW 0.742b 0.549b 0.754b 0.567b
Artificial aging rSL 0.768b   0.882b  
rFW 0.948b 0.744b 0.884b 0.816b
  1. In case of natural aging, the treatment trait value were used such as GR (germination rate), SL (seedling length) and FW (fresh weight); Under artificial aging, relative treatment value were used such as rGR (relative germination rate), rSL (relative seedling length) and rFW (relative fresh weight). a &b represent significance at 5 and 1%, respectively