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Table 1 Top 20 abundant lincRNAs expressed in the mouse retina

From: Systematic identification of intergenic long-noncoding RNAs in mouse retinas using full-length isoform sequencing

Transcripts Host lncRNA gene Relative abundance (RPKM) Compare to GENCODE annotation
PB.20890.2 H19 83.81 known
PB.17423.4 Miat 72.23 known
PB.11213.21 Malat1 70.83 novel isoform
PB.17423.8 Miat 65.29 novel isoform
PB.17423.13 Miat 40.82 known
PB.7082.15 Rncr3 21.84 novel isoform
PB.7083.1 Rncr3 20.3 novel isoform
PB.13759.2 Mir124-2hg 20.08 novel isoform
PB.19312.10 Lockd 19.78 known
PB.5352.9 Rian 19.32 known
PB.6163.26 C130071C03Rik 18.9 known
PB.7082.1 Rncr3 18.38 known
PB.18345.2 1810058I24Rik 18.02 known
PB.12880.18 1700020I14Rik 16.48 known
PB.7082.17 Rncr3 16.43 novel isoform
PB.7082.5 Rncr3 14.23 novel isoform
PB.12880.30 1700020I14Rik 13.84 novel isoform
PB.13343.15 2900097C17Rik 12.94 novel isoform
PB.1224.18 Gas5 12.92 novel isoform
PB.13344.4 2900097C17Rik 12.74 novel isoform