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Table 5 The top ten canonical pathways for Charolais steers within each dietary phase for which IPA was performed

From: The effect of breed and diet type on the global transcriptome of hepatic tissue in beef cattle divergent for feed efficiency

Diet-Breed Combination Canoncial pathway Differentially Expressed Genes P-value
CH.H1 Toll-like Receptor Signalling IL1A, JUN, MAP2K6 , NFKBIA, TNFAIP3, UBA52 8.71E-09
CD40 Signalling IRS2, JUN, MAP2K6 , NFKBIA, TNFAIP3 0.00015
IL-6 Signalling CSNK2B, IL1A, IRS, JUN, MAP2K6, NFKBIA 0.00017
Aryl Hydrocarbon Signalling ALDH9A1, IL1A, JUN, MYC, TFDP1, TGM2 0.00028
Cholecystokinin/Gastrin mediated Signalling IL1A, JUN, MAP2K6, MAPK7, RND3 0.00046
p53 Signalling GADD45G, IRS2, JUN, TNFRSF10A, TP53INP1 0.00071
TNFR2 Signalling JUN, NFKBIA, TNFAIP3 0.00093
Acute Phase Response Signalling HP, IL1A, JUN, MAP2K6 , NFKBIA, SAA1 0.00097
IL-10 Signalling IL1A, JUN, MAP2K6 , NFKBIA 0.001
NFKB Signalling CSNK2B, IL1A, IRS2, MAP2K6 , NFKBIA, TNFAIP3 0.0013
CH.ZG Glycine Betaine Degradation BHMT2, DMGDH, SARDH 0.000029
Acute Phase Response Signalling C5, FGG, HP, HRAS , LBP, SERPINA3 0.0009
Hereditary Breast Cancer Signalling CCND1 , FGFR3 , GADD45G , HDAC5 , HRAS 0.0027
EIF2 Signalling ATF5 , CCND1 , EIF1 , FGFR3 , FGFR3 , HRAS , RPL13 0.0033
Role of Macrophages, Fibroblasts and Endothelial Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis C5, CCND1 , FGFR3 , HRAS , IL17RC , MIF , TRAF4 0.0043
Extrinsic Prothombin Activation Pathway F5, FGG 0.0045
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Signalling CCND1 , FGFR3 , HDAC5 , HRAS 0.0056
Germ Cell-Sertoli Junction Signalling BCAR1 , FGFR3 , HRAS , TUBA4A , TUBB4B 0.0057
Methylglyoxal Degradation VI LDHD 0.0063
GADD45 Signalling CCND1, GADD45G 0.0063
  1. H1 high concentrate, phase 1, ZG Zero-grazed grass, CH Charolais; P-value = Fisher’s exact test P-value, bold text indicates gene downregulation in low-RFI steers