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Fig. 4

From: Reference genome and comparative genome analysis for the WHO reference strain for Mycobacterium bovis BCG Danish, the present tuberculosis vaccine

Fig. 4

BCG Danish 1331 sapM KO has lost the DU2 to form the sapM KO locus. a Illustration of the outrecombination of the DU2 duplicated genomic region in the formation of the BCG Danish 1331 sapM KO from BCG Danish 1331 WT, containing two sapM loci, due to the presence of the sapM locus in the DU2. b Genomic organization of the sapM region for BCG Danish WT and sapM KO. The organization of the DU2 is indicated. †: truncated sapM. c Copy-number analysis of selected genes (indicated in grey in subfigure b) in and surrounding the DU2 via qPCR on gDNA for BCG Danish 1331 WT and sapM KO. The represented data are averages (± SD) of four technical replicates

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