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Table 2 Overview of CAZyme and number of genes in each CAZyme category. Color tones differentiate families from enzymes

From: Comparative genome analysis of Phyllosticta citricarpa and Phyllosticta capitalensis, two fungi species that share the same host

ID P. citricarpa (aa) CAZymes Family
 p.citric. LGMF06_1852 AA10
 p.citric. LGMF06_14427 AA5
 p.citric. LGMF06_1084 AA9
 p.citric. LGMF06_1084 CBM1
 p.citric. LGMF06_14427 CBM18
 p.citric. LGMF06_14427 CE4
 p.citric. LGMF06_13085 CE9
 p.citric. LGMF06_2729 GH16
 p.citric. LGMF06_0566 GH17
 p.citric. LGMF06_14427 GH19
 p.citric. LGMF06_12138 GH30_7
 p.citric. LGMF06_14013 GH31
 p.citric. LGMF06_12570 GH37
 p.citric. LGMF06_1320 GH4
 p.citric. LGMF06_13007 GH4
 p.citric. LGMF06_6360 GH4
 p.citric. LGMF06_10292 GT2
 p.citric. LGMF06_1320 GT2
 p.citric. LGMF06_13007 GT2
 p.citric. LGMF06_15124 GT2
 p.citric. LGMF06_4508 GT2
 p.citric. LGMF06_6360 GT2
 p.citric. LGMF06_3350 GT34
ID P. capitalensis (aa) CAZymes Family
 p.capi. LGMF01_10165 AA5_1
 p.capi. LGMF01_12968 AA1_3
 p.capi. LGMF01_0108 AA11
 p.capi. LGMF01_10555 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_10630 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_10952 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_11995 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_4648 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_7130 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_9145 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_9405 AA3_2
 p.capi. LGMF01_13226 AA7
 p.capi. LGMF01_12450 CBM1
 p.capi. LGMF01_6291 CBM1
 p.capi. LGMF01_8576 CBM1
 p.capi. LGMF01_13173 CBM13
 p.capi. LGMF01_9957 CBM13
 p.capi. LGMF01_9957 CBM20
 p.capi. LGMF01_13173 CBM32
 p.capi. LGMF01_7886 CBM48
 p.capi. LGMF01_10165 CBM50
 p.capi. LGMF01_0072 CBM50
 p.capi. LGMF01_13173 CBM57
 p.capi. LGMF01_3297 CBM63
 p.capi. LGMF01_14357 CE4
 p.capi. LGMF01_1089 CE5
 p.capi. LGMF01_9188 CE6
 p.capi. LGMF01_6291 GH10
 p.capi. LGMF01_13896 GH16
 p.capi. LGMF01_8576 GH16
 p.capi. LGMF01_11414 GH17
 p.capi. LGMF01_6680 GH18
 p.capi. LGMF01_9957 GH18
 p.capi. LGMF01_9957 GH23
 p.capi. LGMF01_12450 GH3
 p.capi. LGMF01_13207 GH3
 p.capi. LGMF01_9122 GH3
 p.capi. LGMF01_9188 GH43_35
 p.capi. LGMF01_3143 GH5_7
 p.capi. LGMF01_10165 GH55
 p.capi. LGMF01_10165 GH71
 p.capi. LGMF01_3563 GH76
 p.capi. LGMF01_5203 GT1
 p.capi. LGMF01_8703 GT2