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Table 5 Intra-population predictive ability (PA) for pea grain yield, onset of flowering, lodging susceptibility and individual seed weight averaged across three environments and winter plant survival in one environment, for different Bayesian Lasso model training and account of population structure. Values averaged across two (lodging susceptibility) or three (other traits) RIL populations

From: Pea genomic selection for Italian environments

Trait Traininga Structureb PA
Grain yield Single No 0.452
All No 0.476
All Yes 0.474
Onset of flowering Single No 0.710
All No 0.747
All Yes 0.749
Lodging susceptibility Single No 0.385
All No 0.404
All Yes 0.411
Individual seed weight Single No 0.695
All No 0.696
All Yes 0.700
Winter plant survival Single No 0.561
All No 0.557
All Yes 0.585
  1. a Single = model trained on the specific population; all = model trained on all populations joined in a single data set. Fifty repetitions of 10-fold stratified cross-validation per individual analysis
  2. b No = no structure information; yes = structure information as RIL population fixed factor