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Table 1 Panulirus ornatus nuclear receptors

From: Transcriptional profiling of spiny lobster metamorphosis reveals three new additions to the nuclear receptor superfamily

Gene Variants Splice region AA DBD LBD
Po-E75 7 A/B
707 X X
Po-E78 2 A/B 429 X -C
Po-ECR 5 D
461 X -C
Po-ERR 4 A/B 506 X X
Po-Ftz-F1 α 4 A/B
588 X X
Po-Ftz-F1 β 1 453 X X
Po-HNF4 2 E 553 X X
Po-HR3 5 A/B 495 X X
Po-HR38 2 A/B 695 X X
Po-HR4 8 A/B 966 X X
Po-HR78 3 CA/B 580 X X
Po-HR96 1 654 X X
Po-HR97/MAR 5 A/B 893 X X
Po-RXR 6 A/BCE 452 X X
Po-Svp 2 C/D 442 X X
  1. NR orthologs were identified in the transcriptome through BLAST searching, with alternative splicing sites based on predicted domain alignment. DBD and LBD presence in the longest open-reading frame encoded by each gene is indicated in the last two columns, with complete domain indicated by “X” and C-terminal truncated domain indicated by “-C”. Protein length (AA) corresponds to the longest open-reading frame