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Table 6 Genes induced and repressed in roots under lower light versus higher light intensity

From: Uncovering the molecular signature underlying the light intensity-dependent root development in Arabidopsis thaliana

Light intensities (μmol m − 21) Genes Upregulated Genes downregulated
150 vs 38 COL9, EPR1, CIP1, ARF18, ARR6, SAUR9 and LAX2 PIF4 and TOC1
112 vs 38 EPR1, SAUR9, SAUR26, ARR6 and CCA1 COL3 and ARF2
75 vs 38 CSN6A, CSN6B, EPR1, HY5, COL9, ARF18, CIP1, KMD1, LAX2 and CCA1