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Fig. 2

From: Genome-wide mapping and profiling of γH2AX binding hotspots in response to different replication stress inducers

Fig. 2

Enrichment of γH2AX in large genes and CFSs. a Violin plot showing γH2AX enrichment in both coding and non-coding long genes irrespective of DNA damage. Dotted lines indicate genomic median gene lengths. Solid lines indicate median gene lengths from each ChIP-seq sample. b γH2AX binding to CFSs is significantly higher than expected by random in both the absence and presence of exogenous DNA damaging agents. Expected γH2AX binding to CFSs by random is set to zero. Positive deviation from zero indicates enrichment. p-values are derived from permutation analysis. c HU and MMS treatment significantly increase γH2AX binding to CFSs compared to untreated cells. p values: Student’s t-test with Holm-Bonferroni correction for family-wise error

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