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Fig. 2

From: Microarray analysis of infectious bronchitis virus infection of chicken primary dendritic cells

Fig. 2

mRNAs microarray analyses of IBV-stimulated avian BMDCs. a Volcano plot map of mRNA expression in control and IBV-stimulated avian BMDCs at 12 h post-infection. A comparison of expression data was performed using an XY-scatter plot analysis of the log base two-fold change. Data points shown in red represent significant differentially expressed genes; P < 0.01. b Heat map of differentially expressed mRNAs in IBV-stimulated avian BMDCs. All of the biological replicates were pooled and calculated to identify differentially expressed mRNAs based on a threshold fold change > 2 and P < 0.01. The blue and the yellow group represent two groups. The blue one represent control group, with G1 × 1, G1 × 2, G1 × 3 at the bottom. Whilst the yellow one represent IBV-infected DCs, with G2 × 1, G2 × 2, G2 × 3 at the bottom. c Primary GO categorisation and KEGG pathway analyses based on differentially expressed mRNAs in IBV-stimulated avian BMDCs

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