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Fig. 6

From: Microarray analysis of infectious bronchitis virus infection of chicken primary dendritic cells

Fig. 6

TF–miRNA and TF–miRNA–mRNA regulatory loops in IBV-stimulated avian BMDCs. a Two TF-miRNA networks involving one TF and two differentially expressed microRNAs were established, with the TF CEBPA binding directly to the promoters of gga-miR1772 and gga-miR21. b In total, 53 TF-miRNA-mRNA interactions involving 1 TF (CEBPA), 2 differentially expressed microRNAs, and 53 differentially expressed mRNAs (and predicted microRNA targets) for the IBV-stimulated group were summarised. Yellow diamond nodes represent TFs, green rectangle nodes correspond to microRNAs, and violet ovals represent mRNAs

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