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Fig. 3

From: Discovery and characterization of the evolution, variation and functions of diversity-generating retroelements using thousands of genomes and metagenomes

Fig. 3

(a) Phylogenetic tree with phylum classifications and cassette patterns marked. The inner ring is for the labels of phylum classifications, marked with six colors. If DGRs are from metagenomic datasets, their phylum classification labels will not be marked. The outer ring is for the labels of DGR cassette pattern groups. Except for the top nine cassette patterns, the other 113 cassettes are all marked in black. The green branches highlighted in the phylogenetic tree contains most DGRs with G3 cassette, while most of the orange branches are for DGRs with G2 cassette and G4 cassette. (b) Top nine cassette patterns, ranked by corresponding DGR numbers. TR, VR and RT are represented by rectangles filled with different colors; the arrows represent the directions of elements in the DNA sequence, with a rightward arrow representing positive strand and a leftward arrow representing complementary strand

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