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Fig. 5

From: Discovery and characterization of the evolution, variation and functions of diversity-generating retroelements using thousands of genomes and metagenomes

Fig. 5

DGR examples. TRs, VRs, RTs and target genes (ORFs) are filled with different colors, while the arrow direction represents the direction of these elements. (a) DGR found in NZ_FNTS01000002.1 contains 21 VRs within ORF17814, thus introducing huge variation to this target gene; (b) DGR from NZ_DS999412.1 contains six VRs, involving different target genes; (c) NZ_GL988634.1 has a typical DGR structure similar with BPP-1, and the target gene (ORF41) serves as phage tail domain protein; (d) An untypical DGR from NC_019683.1. It contains three VRs that are all located in C-terminal of target genes

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