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Table 4 Target prediction for responsive miRNA in P. minor against F. oxysporum

From: Regulation of terpenoid biosynthesis by miRNA in Persicaria minor induced by Fusarium oxysporum

miRNA Score ID target Target annotation
pmi-miR156b/c 1.0 comp48942_c0_seq1 SPL13
3.0 comp66611_c0_seq1 Ferric reduction oxidase
3.5 comp40605_c1_seq1 F-box kelch repeat
pmi-miR156d 3.5 comp52863_c0_seq1 F-box protein SKIP27
3.5 comp64448_c1_seq76 Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit A
pmi-miR156j 2.0 comp51572_c1_seq2 SPL4
2.0 comp54862_c0_seq3 Malate dehydrogenase
2.5 comp40605_c1_seq1 F-box kelch repeat
pmi-miR156n/o 1.5 comp52471_c0_seq1 SPL16
3.0 comp63113_c0_seq2 bHLH55
4.0 comp52567_c0_seq3 Probable signal peptidase complex subunit 1
pmi-miR157d 3.8 comp65851_c2_seq1 Cytochrome P450 81F1
4.0 comp62138_c0_seq4 Probable carboxylesterase18
pmi-miR159 1.0 comp57600_c3_seq1 Transcription factor GAMYB
2.0 comp67380_c0_seq2 Putative disease resistance protein RGA3
pmi-miR159a 2.5 comp58874_c0_seq4 WUSHEL
2.5 comp65589_c1_seq2 Uncharacteized protein At2g41620
pmi-miR159b 1.5 comp57600_c3_seq1 Transcription factor GAMYB
3.8 comp59983_c0_seq2 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase1
4.0 comp61116_c0_seq1 Transcription factor bHLH140
pmi-miR160a 2.5 comp65542_c1_seq1 Probable galacturonosyltransferase-like
3.5 comp63097_c0_seq14 Auxin-responsive protein IAA9
pmi-miR162 4.0 comp61878_c1_seq1 ABC transporter C family member3
pmi-miR164b/c 3.0 comp58722_c2_seq1 Putative disease resistance protein RGA4
3.2 comp64889_c2_seq23 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase RNF8-A
pmi-miR165b 3.5 comp12615_c0_seq1 Putative F-box protein At3g10240
3.8 comp31134_c0_seq2 F-box protein At3g44326
3.8 comp62577_c0_seq2 Probable galacturonosyltransferase12
pmi-miR166a 1.5 comp62172_c1_seq10 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX32
3.5 comp67610_c2_seq1 Probable WRKY transcription factor19
pmi-miR166b 4.0 comp66580_c3_seq9 Serine/threonine-protein kinase TIO
pmi-miR166d 2.8 comp62172_c1_seq1 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX32
4.0 comp23266_c0_seq1 Probable disease resistance protein At5g63020
pmi-miR166i 2.0 comp67539_c0_seq10 Probable LRR receptor-like protein kinase At1g51890
2.5 comp58141_c0_seq2 NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) complexI
3.5 comp67658_c0_seq4 Programmed cell death protein4
pmi-miR166j 1.8 comp62172_c1_seq12 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-8
4.0 comp60418_c0_seq2 Protein caperon dnaJ15
pmi-miR167 2.5 comp65895_c0_seq14 Probable glycosyltransferase At5g03795
3.5 comp63430_c0_seq5 Tubulin α-5 chain
pmi-miR167a 2.0 comp67548_c0_seq10 26S protease regulatory subunit 6B homolog
4.0 comp22416_c0_seq1 Putative ribonuclease H Protein At1g65750
pmi-miR167d 4.0 comp58506_c2_seq5 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor SF2
4.0 comp67417_c0_seq18 Binding protein DNA BIN4
pmi-miR167h/i/j 2.5 comp65003_c0_seq2 AR6 HPI
3.2 comp52198_c0_seq1 E3 ubiquitin protein ligase DRIP1
3.8 comp60694_c0_seq1 Probable mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 26b
pmi-miR168 3.5 comp2671_c0_seq1 Uncharacterized mitochondrial protein AtMg00820
3.5 comp65213_c0_seq4 Putative F-box protein At3g47150
pmi-miR168a 3.5 comp67057_c0_seq6 Guard cell S-type anion channel SLAC1
pmi-miR168b 3.8 comp33471_c0_seq1 U-box domain-containing protein 36
pmi-miR169f 3.0 comp65145_c0_seq1 Serine/threonine-protein kinase ppk 15
3.2 comp60891_c3_seq1 Nuclear transcription factor Y subunit A
pmi-miR171b 1.5 comp59653_c0_seq3 SCL6
2.5 comp68032_c2_seq2 Putative disease resistance protein RGA4
pmi-miR171d/e 1.8 comp59653_c0_seq3 SCL6
2.2 comp48883_c1_seq1 Uncharacterized mitochondrial protein AtMg01060
3.8 comp58120_c1_seq1 Transmembrane protein 214-A
pmi-miR171f 2.0 comp59653_c0_seq3 SCL6
2.5 comp68032_c2_seq3 Putative disease resistance protein RGA4
pmi-miR172a 1.5 comp52285_c0_seq1 AP2
pmi-miR172i 3.5 comp57377_c0_seq5 Transcription factor NAC29
3.8 comp63311_c0_seq3 Transcription factor CAULIFLOWER
4.0 comp33332_c0_seq1 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase makorin
pmi-miR2111 3.0 comp29780_c0_seq1 Probable WRKY transcription factor 7
3.5 comp41575_c0_seq2 Putative ribonuclease H protein At1g65750
pmi-miR2111a/b/c 2.5 comp41652_c0_seq2 Transcription factor WRKY55
3.2 comp59219_c1_seq1 Actin-related protein 6
3.5 comp63701_c0_seq2 Transcription factor bHLH51
pmi-miR319 3.8 comp61400_c1_seq1 Probable sulfate transporter 3.5
pmi-miR319h 4.0 comp41320_c0_seq1 Small heat shock protein
pmi-miR390 3.8 comp68004_c1_seq12 Putative disease resistance protein RGA4
3.8 comp68227_c1_seq27 AGO5
pmi-miR393c 3.2 comp60765_c4_seq1 Proteasome subunit α type-1-A
3.8 comp64012_c0_seq1 Pectinesterase31
pmi-miR396 2.5 comp12732_c0_seq1 Putative ribonuclease H protein At1g65750
pmi-miR396a 2.5 comp60490_c0_seq1 Peroxidase57
4.0 comp47449_c0_seq1 Probable DXS
pmi-miR396c 2.5 comp47994_c0_seq1 Hypersensitive-induced response protein 1
pmi-miR396e 3.2 comp58032_c1_seq1 Cytochrome b
3.5 comp60164_c0_seq2 Putative F-box protein At3g23950
pmi-miR397a 0.8 comp67947_c0_seq1 Laccase-4
pmi-miR397b 1.5 comp67947_c0_seq1 Laccase-4
pmi-miR398 3.5 comp65120_c0_seq4 L-ascorbate oxidase
pmi-miR398b 3.8 comp63418_c1_seq1 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ANTHOCYANINLESS2
4.0 comp34288_c0_seq1 Cellulose synthase-like protein D3
pmi-miR398f/g 4.0 comp67631_c2_seq15 DXR
pmi-miR408 1.5 comp50583_c0_seq1 Basic blue protein
pmi-miR530 4.0 comp31767_c1_seq1 MVD
4.0 comp56913_c1_seq1 Probable sulphate transporter
pmi-miR530b 3.0 comp66662_c8_seq34 50S ribosomal protein L2
pmi-miR535 2.5 comp53737_c0_seq1 Ferredoxin-thioredoxin reduktase catalytic chain
pmi-miR535a 3.2 comp51270_c0_seq1 Transcription factor TCP8
3.5 comp55340_c0_seq1 Probable cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 5
pmi-miR858 3.8 comp47431_c1_seq1 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ATL31
4.0 comp55416_c0_seq1 Callos synthase 10
pmi-miR894 2.0 comp66746_c0_seq1 U-box domain-containing protein 13
2.5 comp67024_c1_seq10 Heat shock 70 kDa protein 16
4.0 comp18439_c0_seq1 Polygalacturonase At1g48100
pmi-miR4995 3.0 comp60227_c1_seq1 Probable WRKY transcription factor 39
pmi-miR5077 3.2 comp30119_c0_seq1 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ER0 HPI25
3.5 comp63610_c1_seq2 Cellulose synthase A catalytic subunit 7
pmi-miR5368 3.8 comp12493_c0_seq1 Sucrose synthase 5
pmi-miR6173 3.0 comp46206_c0_seq1 Sesquiterpene synthase
4.0 comp62238_c1_seq1 Farnesyl diphosphate synthase 1
pmi-miR6300 3.2 comp55945_c0_seq1 HMGR
3.5 comp59913_c0_seq1 Proteasome subunit beta type-2-A
pmi-miR6478 3.8 comp62172_c1_seq14 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HOX33
pmi-nov_12 2.5 comp58932_c3_seq6 Alcohol dehydrogenase
pmi-nov_13 2.5 comp65932_c1_seq10 Mitogen-activated protein kinase 16
3.8 comp56286_c0_seq1 Mevalonate kinase