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Fig. 9

From: GWAS hints at pleiotropic roles for FLOWERING LOCUS T in flowering time and yield-related traits in canola

Fig. 9

Graphical representation showing structural variation in (a) Bn.A07.FTb (BnaA07g33120D) and (bBnC04.FT gene (BnaC04g14850D) among 21 accessions of canola. Dots represent SNPs, triangles insertions, and inverted triangles deletions. SNPs and indels shaded in red are non-synonymous. The four exon gene model is shown below each plot with the exons as grey boxes and the introns as lines. Details of sequenced accessions are given in Additional file 1: Table S1. FT variant used for revealing diversity in BnaC04g14850D among 21 accessions are given in Additional file 18: Table S18

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