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Table 5 Enriched GO terms from the differentially expressed genes found between T10 and Control, in the pituitary

From: Cold seawater induces early sexual developmental stages in the BPG axis of European eel males

  OVER/UNDER GO ID GO Term GO Category FDR P-Value
1 OVER GO:0097167 circadian regulation of translation BP 4.54E-05 2.42E-09
2 OVER GO:0070932 histone H3 deacetylation BP 0.001734 1.85E-07
3 OVER GO:0007623 circadian rhythm BP 0.007124 1.14E-06
4 OVER GO:0072330 monocarboxylic acid biosynthetic process BP 0.013066 2.78E-06
5 OVER GO:0048511 rhythmic process BP 0.036725 1.17E-05
6 OVER GO:0002028 regulation of sodium ion transport BP 0.036725 1.03E-05
7 OVER GO:0051574 positive regulation of histone H3-K9 methylation BP 0.037242 1.39E-05
8 OVER GO:0016575 histone deacetylation BP 0.044083 1.88E-05
9 OVER GO:0035582 sequestering of BMP in extracellular matrix BP 0.047353 4.03E-05
10 OVER GO:1900920 regulation of L-glutamate import BP 0.047353 4.03E-05
11 OVER GO:0051946 regulation of glutamate uptake involved in transmission of nerve impulse BP 0.047353 4.03E-05
12 OVER GO:0051941 regulation of amino acid uptake involved in synaptic transmission BP 0.047353 4.03E-05
13 OVER GO:1903789 regulation of amino acid transmembrane transport BP 0.047353 4.03E-05
14 OVER GO:0016053 organic acid biosynthetic process BP 0.047353 3.71E-05
15 OVER GO:2000678 negative regulation of transcription regulatory region DNA binding BP 0.047353 2.94E-05
16 OVER GO:0046394 carboxylic acid biosynthetic process BP 0.047353 3.52E-05
17 OVER GO:0033218 amide binding MF 0.04807 4.35E-05
  1. Enriched GO terms from the differentially expressed genes found between T10 and Control, in the pituitary. OVER/UNDER indicates rather a term is over or under represented, respectively. GO Categories are biological processes (BP), and molecular function (MF). False discovery rate corrected P-values are presented in the column labeled FDR