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Table 2 Tissue and system specificity of histone deacetylases. Reported data is from cited references [5, 17, 45,46,47]. Predicted data is based on enrichment of TFBS trimers in the analysis described in the main text. Following TF groupings in Genomatix, non-exclusive refers to the presence of TFs that are active in most tissues, and preferential refers to TFs that are more highly expressed in these systems than in others. Dark bullet points denote predicted activity, outline bullet points denote a predicted lack of activity in these systems

From: Promoter conservation in HDACs points to functional implications

  Reported tissue specificityPredicted non-exclusive system specificityPredicted preferential system specificity
Class IHDAC1UbiquitousAllAll
HDAC2UbiquitousAll Excepto Respiratory• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Embryo• Endocrine• Immune/Lymphatic• Muscular• Nervous
HDAC3UbiquitousAll Excepto Integumentaryo Respiratory• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Immune/Lymphatic• Muscular
HDAC8• Muscular (smooth muscle)AllAll
Class IIAHDAC4• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Muscular (smooth muscle)• Nervous (brain)• Endocrine (liver)AllAll Excepto Respiratory
HDAC5• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Muscular (smooth muscle)• Nervous (brain)• Endocrine (liver)All Excepto RespiratoryAll Excepto Integumentaryo Respiratoryo Skeletal
HDAC7• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Muscular (smooth muscle)• Endocrine (several tissues)• Skeletal• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Digestive• Endocrine• Excretory• Immune/Lymphatic• Muscle• Nervous• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Digestive• Endocrine• Excretory• Muscle• Nervous
HDAC9• Immune/Lymphatic• Muscular (smooth muscle)• Nervous (brain)All Excepto Digestiveo Excretoryo Integumentaryo Respiratory• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Embryo• Immune/Lymphatic• Muscular
Class IIBHDAC6• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Endocrine (liver, pancreas)• Nervous (brain)All Excepto RespiratoryAll Excepto Embryoo Respiratory
HDAC10• Endocrine (kidney, liver, spleen)• Excretory (kidney)All Excepto Integumentaryo Respiratoryo Skeletal• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Endocrine• Immune/Lymphatic• Muscular
Class IVHDAC11• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Endocrine (kidney)• Excretory (kidney)• Muscular (smooth muscle)• Nervous (brain)• Cardiovascular/Hematopoietic• Digestive• Endocrine• Excretory• Embryo• Immune/Lymphatic• Nervous• ReproductiveNot enough TF trimers for a signal