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Table 3 Basic characteristics of tags in sRNA libraries from D. melanogaster ovaries

From: How do Wolbachia modify the Drosophila ovary? New evidences support the “titration-restitution” model for the mechanisms of Wolbachia-induced CI

Sample nameRaw readsClean readsUnique readsQ20(%)Q30(%)GC content (%)
Dmel T8,109,6897,700,845153,80498.0496.347.51
Dmel wMel8,116,5307,690,372160,90197.9496.1247.47
  1. Dmel T: Drosophila melanogaster treated with tetracycline, Wolbachia-free; Dmel wMel: Drosophila melanogaster infected with wMel Wolbachia