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Fig. 2

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals differences in the mechanisms of fiber initiation and elongation between long- and short-fiber cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) lines

Fig. 2

Fiber phenotype observations of four upland cotton lines. Median longitudinal sections of 3 DPA ovules illustrating the extent of fiber coverage on the surface of a seed: (A, a) 69–6025-12; (B, b) Liao 1779; (C, c) 601 LSC; (D, d) J02–508. Scale bars: 1 mm (A-D); 400 μm (a-d). E Difference in FL at 10 DPA between the two cotton groups. Three biological replicates were measured per material. The error bars represent the means ± S.D.s, p = 2.38E-05. F Difference in mature FL between the two groups of cotton lines. Three fiber samples were measured. The error bars represent the means ± S.D.s, p = 1.02E-08. (***, p < 0.001; two-tailed Student’s t-test)

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