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Table 3 Biological processes potentially regulated by the 17 DEMs. The 17 miRNAs were selected as having more than a mean of 20 reads. Process Networks analysis using Metacore™ software. * indicate processes linked with cytoskeleton and cell life and § indicate signal transduction processes. FDR: False Discovery Rate

From: Deep RNA-Seq reveals miRNome differences in mammary tissue of lactating Holstein and Montbéliarde cows

  # Networks FDR
§ 1 Signal transduction NOTCH signaling 8.56E-07
* 2 Cytoskeleton regulation of cytoskeleton rearrangement 2.17E-05
* 3 Development blood vessel morphogenesis 2.57E-05
§ 4 Signal transduction WNT signaling 2.92E-04
* 5 Development regulation of angiogenesis 2.92E-04
  6 Development neurogenesis axonal guidance 2.92E-04
  7 Immune response TCR signaling 2.93E-04
* 8 Cell cycle G1-S growth factor regulation 3.48E-04
* 9 Apoptosis anti-apoptosis mediated by external signals via NF-kB 3.48E-04
* 10 Cytoskeleton actin filament 6.87E-04
* 11 Proliferation lymphocyte proliferation 9.41E-04
  12 Inflammation Protein C signaling 1.05E-03
* 13 Development EMT regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition 1.09E-03
* 14 Cell adhesion attractive and repulsive receptors 1.33E-03
  15 Cardiac development FGF ErbB signaling 1.36E-03
* 16 Proliferation positive regulation cell proliferation 1.36E-03
* 17 Cell cycle G2-M 1.36E-03
  18 Development Hedgehog signaling 1.60E-03
* 19 Cell cycle G1-S interleukin regulation 1.68E-03
  20 Reproduction FSH-beta signaling pathway 1.68E-03