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Fig. 3

From: Correction to: Transcriptional profiling of spiny lobster metamorphosis reveals three new additions to the nuclear receptor superfamily

Fig. 3

Eriocheir sinensis molt-associated receptor (MAR) exon-intron structure. mRNA sequences corresponding to the Es-MARs were aligned against genomic DNA to estimate the exon-intron structure. Exons are shown by green bars and introns by grey bars. The coding-DNA sequence (CDS) is shown below the exons with predicted DNA-binding domains (DBD) in red and ligand-binding domains (LBD) in purple, showing the relationship between splice junctions and protein sequence. The striped red bars upstream of the exons show a short length of sequence which did not align to the genome. All bars are drawn with sequence length scaled along the x-axis, with the exception of one intron for which the length is shown. Scaffold IDs correspond to the E. sinensis genome [18]

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