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Fig. 7

From: Correction to: Transcriptional profiling of spiny lobster metamorphosis reveals three new additions to the nuclear receptor superfamily

Fig. 7

Comparison of molt-associated receptors’ (MAR) expression in three decapod species. Expression data for MAR orthologs was obtained from previous transcriptome studies. The top panels show the distribution of MAR expression across tissues for S. verreauxi [4] and G. lateralis (unpublished data). The bottom panels show temporal expression for P. ornatus on the left (this study) and the G. lateralis Y-organ throughout the molt cycle on the right [16]. All expression is shown in relative units with the absolute maximum expression of each transcript shown on the plot. Standard error is shown for the plots in the bottom panels (n = 3). Note the use of log scale in the y-axis of the top-right panel

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