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Table 2 Runtime and memory usage of DiscoverY and CQ

From: DiscoverY: a classifier for identifying Y chromosome sequences in male assemblies

  DiscoverY: female+male mode DiscoverY: female_only mode Chromosome Quotient
Stage Time Max memory Time Max memory Time Max memory
Generating female k-mers Bloom Filter 3 h 20 m 6 Gb 3 h 20 m 6 Gb N/A N/A
Counting male k-mers abundance (DSK) 4 h 8 m 9 Gb N/A N/A N/A N/A
Computing proportion and coverage 9 h 2 m 307 Gb 3 h 49 m 5 Gb N/A N/A
Filtering of Y-contigs 5 m < 1Gb 5 m < 1Gb N/A N/A
Total 16 h 35 m 307 Gb 7 h 14 m 6 Gb 14 h 2 m 5 Gb
  1. N/A: The CQ method is alignment-based and does not involve k-merization steps. Hence the corresponding fields of runtime and memory are left as “N/A”