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Table 4 The number of genes identified as differentially expressed (DE) between two tissue classes, ‘blade’ and ‘spur’, in the current study and in Yant et al., (2015)

From: Comparative transcriptomics of early petal development across four diverse species of Aquilegia reveal few genes consistently associated with nectar spur development

Tissue Current Study Yant et al., 2015 Intersect of
Class DS1 through DS5 1 mm and 3 mm studies
‘blade’ A. ecalcarata A. coerulea “Origami” blade  
  453 326 27
‘spur’ spurred taxa A. coerulea “Origami” spur  
  237 190 8
  1. In the current study, ‘blade’ tissue refers to the A. ecalcarata sample and ‘spur’ tissue refers to the three spurred taxa. In the Yant et al., (2015) study, the ‘blade’ tissue is blade tissue from A. coerulea “Origami” and the ‘spur’ tissue is spur tissue from A. coerulea “Origami”