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Table 4 Genes of E. alkalisoli YIC4027 related to protein secretion systems

From: The genome of Ensifer alkalisoli YIC4027 provides insights for host specificity and environmental adaptations

System Gene identification Localization
Type I secretion
tolC EKH55_1288 Chromosome
prtDE EKH55_2900 to 2901 Chromosome
prsDE EKH55_5479 to 5480 pYIC4027b
Type III secretion (T3SS)
  rhcC1 rhcC2 rhcJ rhcL rhcN rhcQRSTUV ttsI nopX EKH55_5609 to 5632 pYIC4027a
  rhcC1 rhcC2 rhcJ rhcL rhcN rhcQRSTUVZ EKH55_0998 to 1018 Chromosome
Type IV secretion (T4SS)
  virB1-B11 virD4 virB1 EKH55_5752 to 5930 pYIC4027a
  virB1-B11 virD4 virB2–3 EKH55_4625 to 4740 pYIC4027b
Twin-arginine translocation (TAT) system
tatA, tatB, tatC EKH55_1307 to 1309 Chromosome
Secretion system
secB EKH55_3274 Chromosome
secD EKH55_0177 Chromosome
secE EKH55_1104 Chromosome
secY EKH55_1142 Chromosome
secG EKH55_1213 Chromosome
secD/secF EKH55_1317 Chromosome
secA EKH55_2587 Chromosome
yajC EKH55_1316 Chromosome
yidC EKH55_0075 Chromosome
lebB EKH55_0711 Chromosome
SRP (signal recognition particle) components
ftsY EKH55_3169 Chromosome
ffh EKH55_3175 Chromosome