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Table 2 Summary of inferred ingroup clades for each phylogenetic method employed. Branch support is shown considering a threshold of 95%

From: Origin and diversification of Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri pathotypes revealed by inclusive phylogenomic, dating, and biogeographic analyses

Phylogenetic analysis Resolution
ML Unicopy (A*, (Aw, (A, A2)))
ML LCBs (A*, Aw, (A, A2))
ML LCBs (no rec) (A*, (A, Aw, A2))
Species Tree LCBs (A*, Aw, (A, A2))
ML Indels (A2, A*, Aw, A)
Species Tree Unicopy ((A*, Aw), A, A2)
MP Unicopy (A, (A*, (Aw, A2)))