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Fig. 4

From: Evidence for a non-canonical JAK/STAT signaling pathway in the synthesis of the brain’s major ion channels and neurotransmitter receptors

Fig. 4

Pathway Enrichment and Gene Ontology analysis of the overlapping RX2/WP dataset. a Pathways and functions enriched in the list of 1559 genes altered by WP and 10 μM Ruxo (RX2). Gene Ontology and KEGG enrichment analysis performed using EnrichR. b Genes involved in the canonical JAK/STAT signaling pathway with functional representation. Genes are colored by degree of fold change 9 with BDNF alone (see panel legend). Purple border signifies that WP + B and RX2 + B reverse effects of BDNF on gene expression. c List of DEGs involved in neuroinflammatory signaling and degree of fold change of WP + B vs V + B. Listed in order of FC most negative to most positive

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