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Fig. 5

From: Evidence for a non-canonical JAK/STAT signaling pathway in the synthesis of the brain’s major ion channels and neurotransmitter receptors

Fig. 5

Functional Network of DEGs involved in epileptogenic-related processes. a Node color represents primary category, determined by order indicated in panel legend. Node size indicates degree of fold change (FC). Border color indicates direction of FC. Gray lines show functional connectivity determined by GeneMania in Cytoscape. Location in network roughly determined by category and multiple associations with neighboring and other categories. (Genes located near the center are involved in multiple categories). b Venn diagram of genes contained in network diagram in A demonstrating overlap of the genes in each category, neurogenesis (blue), receptors (red), epilepsy (gray), synaptic plasticity (yellow), and proliferation (green). Gene associations provided by IPA

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