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Fig. 3

From: Comparative transcriptome and coexpression network analysis of carpel quantitative variation in Paeonia rockii

Fig. 3

Clustering patterns of DEGs. a Clustering of FM gene expression profiles. The significant DEG enrichment patterns (profile 6, profile 14 and profile 41) are marked with asterisks. b, c Clustering of JS and JS vs. FM gene expression profiles. Clusters are ordered based on the number of genes and the profiles are ordered by significance. X axis represents the stages of FM1–5 a, JS1–3 b and JS1–3 vs. FM1–3 c, respectively. Y axis corresponds to the expression change of DEGs. The fold lines represent the expression trends of DEGs. The number in the upper left corner represents the serial number of the specific expression pattern, and the number in the lower left corner represents the P-value of the clustering pattern. The remarkable profiles represent the significantly enriched expression patterns

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