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Table 3 Overlap between the detected QTL and published QTL for internal organ traits in chickens

From: Genome-wide association scan for QTL and their positional candidate genes associated with internal organ traits in chickens

GGA (Mb) Genomic position1 Associated trait Known QTL (associated trait)2
1 (166–170) rs15488636 – rs13972577 GIZZWT QTL #137389 (HWT)
19 (6) rs313367474 – rs314881460 INTES QTL #96657 (GIZZWT)
21 (1) rs16177395 – rs318084617 GIZZWT QTL #96660 (GIZZWT)
  1. HWT: heart weight; GIZZWT: gizzard weight; INTES: intestine length
  2. 1Genomic positions based on Gallus_gallus-5.0 assembly (NCBI)
  3. 2Chicken QTLdb ID numbers database – release 35 [29]