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Table 1 Matrix generation and visualization functionality of six commonly used tools. M corresponds to providing functionality to only generate a mutational matrix; MP corresponds to providing functionality to both generate and plot a mutational matrix. * indicates that a tool can perform only one of the actions in a single run; for example, Helmsman can either generate a 96 or a 1536 mutational matrix but not both in a single run

From: SigProfilerMatrixGenerator: a tool for visualizing and exploring patterns of small mutational events

6 24 96 384 1536 6144 28 83 415 8628 78 186 1248 2976
SigProfilerMatrixGenerator Language: Python & R MP MP MP MP MP M MP MP MP M MP MP M M
Helmsman [17] Language: Python    M*   M*          
deconstructSigs [18] Language: R    MP            
mafTools [19] Language: R MP   MP            
SomaticSignatures [20] Language: R    MP*   M*          
signeR [21] Language: R    MP*   M*