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Fig. 4

From: Minor intron splicing revisited: identification of new minor intron-containing genes and tissue-dependent retention and alternative splicing of minor introns

Fig. 4

Minor introns are retained in a tissue-dependent manner. a Piechart with number of minor introns that show retention in number of replicates of at least one tissue. Boxplots reflect the 5th–95th percentile of minor intron length in each of the three categories. Significance was determined by Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test, followed by post-hoc multiple comparison using Dunn method. *** = P < 0.001; * = P < 0.05. b Venn diagram showing the overlap of retained minor introns across eleven mouse tissues. Only minor introns that passed filtering criteria in all three replicates of a tissue were included. c Histogram of the number of tissues in which minor introns were retained. d Heatmap of MSI values across eleven mouse tissues for nine minor introns. White cells denote that a minor intron did not pass the filtering criteria for retention in that tissue. See also methods. MSI = mis-splicing index; marr. = marrow; pctl = percentile

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