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Fig. 3

From: dnAQET: a framework to compute a consolidated metric for benchmarking quality of de novo assemblies

Fig. 3

Heatmaps of quality scores of chromosomes and scaffolds for the reference genome builds of five organisms and the de novo assemblies of NA24385. The x-axis depicts the builds or assemblies. The y-axis indicates the ten quality scores bins between 0 and 1. The color given in the legend shows the percentage of the chromosomes and scaffolds that fall in the quality bin indicated by the y-axis. The quality score heatmaps are for human (a), mouse (b), rat (c), chimpanzee (d) and zebrafish (e) reference chromosomes from specified builds and the scaffolds of de novo assemblies for sample NA24385 (f) from six different assemblies. Note that there are 10 quality interval bins, dividing the [0, 1] range into nine equal sized left-closed, right-open intervals and a single closed interval, which is [0.9, 1]

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