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Table 1 Top 5 GO terms overrepresented in DEGs in which upregulation during T. gondii infection was affected by CCR5-deficiency. To explore the functions of DEGs in which upregulation during infection was affected by CCR5-deficiency, GO term enrichment analysis was performed

From: Transcriptome analysis of the effect of C-C chemokine receptor 5 deficiency on cell response to Toxoplasma gondii in brain cells

Cell type Accession no. FDR # DEGs # reference genes GO term
Astrocyte GO:0006952 8.1E-24 49 1416 defense response
  GO:0002376 5.7E-22 58 2282 immune system process
  GO:0006955 2.5E-21 45 1297 immune response
  GO:0051707 1.7E-18 34 879 response to other organism
  GO:0043207 1.7E-18 34 881 response to external biotic stimulus
Microglia GO:0001819 4.8E-06 15 401 positive regulation of cytokine production
  GO:0002237 6.2E-05 12 359 response to molecule of bacterial origin
  GO:0006954 6.4E-05 16 646 inflammatory response
  GO:0001816 6.4E-05 17 704 cytokine production
  GO:0001817 6.9E-05 16 632 regulation of cytokine production