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Table 1 Descriptive summary of ROH identified following three procedures (short, medium and long ROH detection) per breed: SWB horses and Exmoor ponies

From: Signatures of selection in the genome of Swedish warmblood horses selected for sport performance

Breed Short ROH Medium ROH Long ROH
Total N.a Mean N.b Mean L. (Kb)c Total
Mean N. Mean L. (Kb) Total N. Mean N. Mean L. (Kb)
SWB (N = 374) 257,419 688 76 374,665 1001 445 184,846 494 580
Exmoor pony (N = 145) 515,207 3553 82 171,149 1180 260 96,765 667 1773
  1. aTotal N.: Total number of ROH detected in the population
  2. bMean N.: average number of ROH per individual calculated as the Total N. divided by the number of individuals: 374 in the SWB horses and 145 in the Exmoor Ponies
  3. cMean L.: average length of ROH expressed in Kb