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Table 1 List of the gene information of grapevine GCN5-related N-acetyltransferases (GNAT) superfamily

From: Molecular cloning and characterization of a grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) serotonin N-acetyltransferase (VvSNAT2) gene involved in plant defense

Gene Accession no. aa length Chr. locus Chloroplast transit peptide
VvGNAT1 VIT_07s0129g00260 421 Chr7 No
VvGNAT2 VIT_17s0000g00600 309 Unknown No
VvGNAT3 VIT_07s0141g00140 416 Chr7 No
VvGNAT4 VIT_07s0141g00150 438 Chr7 No
VvGNAT5 VIT_07s0151g01030 174 Chr7 No
VvGNAT6 VIT_07s0151g00510 127 Chr7 No
VvGNAT7 VIT_17s0000g10190 455 Chr17 No
VvGNAT8 VIT_11s0016g01160 523 Chr11 No
VvGNAT9 VIT_09s0018g00300 400 Chr9 No
VvGNAT10 VIT_13s0019g04570 220 Chr13 Yes
VvGNAT11 VIT_13s0019g04360 270 Chr13 Yes
VvGNAT12 VIT_05s0020g03680 172 Chr5 No
VvGNAT13 VIT_05s0020g03690 180 Chr5 No
VvGNAT14 VIT_01s0026g00590 249 Chr1 No
VvGNAT15 VIT_07s0151g01010 125 Chr7 Yes
VvGNAT16 VIT_01s0010g01140 182 Chr1 Yes
VvGNAT17 VIT_11s0037g01280 279 Chr11 Yes
VvGNAT18 VIT_16s0039g01810 254 Chr16 No
VvGNAT19 VIT_06s0004g06950 384 Chr6 No
VvGNAT20 VIT_18s0041g01220 287 Chr18 No
VvGNAT21 VIT_12s0057g00440 195 Chr12 No
VvGNAT22 VIT_12s0059g00170 158 Chr12 No
VvGNAT23 VIT_13s0064g00020 160 Chr13 No
VvGNAT24 VIT_14s0068g01050 204 Chr14 No
VvGNAT25 VIT_08s0007g05900 666 Chr8 No
VvGNAT26 VIT_08s0007g03320 157 Chr8 No
VvGNAT27 VIT_05s0077g01020 417 Chr5 No
VvGNAT28 VIT_04s0008g04740 164 Chr4 No
VvGNAT29 VIT_06s0009g01940 288 Chr6 No