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Table 1 The datasets analyzed in this study

From: A qualitative transcriptional signature for the histological reclassification of lung squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas

TypesData SourceDatabasePlatformpADCpSCCNormal
Train (frozen)GSE30219GEOAffy. Plus 2856114
GSE18842GEOAffy. Plus 2143145
“Golden”standard dataGSE19188GEOAffy. Plus 24527
E-MTAB-2435ArrayExpressAffy. Plus 2063
Integrated data (frozen)GSE42127aGEOIllu. WG V3.09032
GSE50081aGEOAffy. Plus 212743
GSE37745aGEOAffy. Plus 24024
GSE31210aGEOAffy. Plus 22040
GSE31546aGEOAffy. Plus 2130
GSE14814aGEOAffy. U133A3226
GSE68465aGEOAffy. U133A2990
FFPEGSE44170GEOAffy. U133A038
MixedTCGATCGAIllu. HiSeqV2498499
BiopsyGSE58661GEOAffy. 2.04236
Poorly differentiatedGSE94601GEOIllu. HT V4.019b4b
  1. pADC pathologically-determined ADC, pSCC pathologically-determined SCC, Affy. Plus 2 Affymetrix Plus 2, Affy. U133A Affymetrix U133A, Affy. 2.0 Rosetta/Merck Human RSTA Custom Affymetrix 2.0, Illu. WG V3.0 Illumina HumanWG-6 V3.0, Illu. HT V3.0 Illumina HumanHT-12 V3.0, Illu. HiSeqV2 Illumina HiSeqV2, Illumina HT V4.0 Illumina HumanHT-12 V4.0
  2. athe data records the survival information of patients treated with curative surgery resection only
  3. bthe 19 pADCs and 4 pSCCs samples are poorly differentiated which were improperly assigned to LCC subtype before and reclassified by the authors using ADC and SCC immunomarkers