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Table 2 The performance of our signature for pSCC and pADC samples in test datasets

From: A qualitative transcriptional signature for the histological reclassification of lung squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas

 Data SourcepADCpSCCA- Sen
A- Spe
A- Acc
Re (SCC) (rate)Re (ADC) (rate)
“Golden”standard dataGSE19188452793.33%96.30%94.44%3 (6.67%)1 (3.70%)
E-MTAB-243506398.41%98.41%1 (1.59%)
Total459093.33%97.78%96.30%3 (6.67%)2 (2.22%)
Integrated data (frozen)GSE42127903290.00%84.38%88.52%9 (10.00%)5 (15.62%)
GSE500811274388.19%86.05%87.65%15 (11.81%)6 (13.95%)
GSE37745402495.00%87.50%92.19%2 (5.00%)3 (12.50%)
GSE31210204099.02%99.02%2 (0.98%)
GSE31546130100%100%0 (0.00%)
GSE14814322693.75%96.15%94.83%2 (6.25%)1 (3.85%)
GSE68465299098.66%98.66%4 (1.34%)
Total80512595.78%88.00%94.73%34 (4.22%)15 (12.00%)
FFPEGSE4417003892.11%92.11%3 (7.89%)
MixedTCGA49849997.59%83.57%90.75%12 (2.41%)82 (16.43%)
BiopsyGSE58661423695.24%88.89%92.31%2 (4.76%)4 (11.11%)
Poorly differentiatedGSE9460119a4a100%50.00%91.30%0 (0.00%)2 (50.00%)
Total136470296.48%84.90%92.55%48 (3.52%)106 (15.10%)
  1. A-Sen represents the apparent sensibility, A-Spe represents the apparent specificity and A-acc represents the apparent accuracy
  2. Re (SCC) represents the number of pADC samples reclassified as SCC by signature
  3. Re (ADC) represents the number of pSCC samples reclassified as ADC by signature
  4. athe 19 pADCs and 4 pSCCs samples are poorly differentiated which were improperly assigned to LCC subtype before and reclassified by the authors using ADC and SCC immunomarkers