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Table 1 Origin, names, pathotype (Williams’s system) and source of field collections and single-spore isolates (SS) of Plasmodiophora brassicae used for whole-genome sequencing

From: Whole-genome DNA similarity and population structure of Plasmodiophora brassicae strains from Canada

Origin Name Year Original designation Source and Reference
 BC BC1-ss2-P6   AbotJE Napa cabbage [57]
 BC BC2-ss4-P6   AbotJE Napa cabbage [57]
 BC BC3-P6   AbotJE-04-01 Napa cabbage [57]
 BC BC4-P6 2015 P6 Brussels sprouts
 BC BC5-P6 2017 P6 Cauliflower
 AB AB1-ss1-P3   SACAN Canola [57]
 AB AB2-ss2-P3   SACAN Canola [57]
 AB AB3-ss3-P2   SACAN Canola [57]
 AB AB4-ss4-P3   SACAN Canola [57]
 AB AB6-ss1-P8   CDCN Canola [57]
 AB AB7   CDCN-04-01 Canola [57]
 AB AB8-P2 2005 F.1–05 Canola [58]
 AB AB9 2005 F.290–07 Canola [59]
 AB AB10-P3 2017 P3 Canola
 AB AB11-P3   Deora Canola [60]
 AB AB12-P5   Deora Canola [60]
 AB AB13-P5X   LG1 Canola [61]
 AB AB14-P5X   LG3 Canola [61]
 AB AB15-P3   SCAN.03.01 Canola [57]
 SK SK1-P3 2017 Aug25 Canola
 SK SK2 2017 CD1A Canola
 SK SK3 2017 Sep 21 Canola
 MB MB 2017   Canola
 ON, Orton ON1-ss2-P8   ORCA Cabbage [57]
 ON, Orton ON2-ss3-P5   ORCA Cabbage [57]
 ON, Orton ON3   ORCA-04-01 Cabbage [57]
 ON, MCRS ON4-P6 2016 P6 Canola [39]
 ON, MCRS ON5-P2 2017 P2 Canola [39]
 ON, MCRS ON6-P6 2011 P6 Canola [39]
 ON, Verner ON7-P2   P2 Bok choi [18]
 QC, Normandin QC1-P5X 2017 P5X Canola [39]
 QC, Normandin QC2-P2 2012 P2 Canola [59]
 PEI PEI1-P5 2017 P5 Canola
 NF NF1 2016 DD1 Vegetable
 NF NF2-P1 2016 DD2A Vegetable
 ND ND1-P8   NDCR1  
 ND ND2-P8   NDCR4  
China (CH)
 Jiangsu, Ganyu CH1-P1   4 Gailan
 Yunnan, Muding CH2   8 Chinese cabbage
 Yunnan, Muding CH3   11 Chinese cabbage
 Yunnan, Lufong CH4   12 Cabbage
 Hebei, Kuyuang CH5   28 Broccoli
  1. BC British Colombia, AB Alberta, SK Saskatchewan, MB Manitoba, ON Ontario, QC Quebec, NF Newfoundland, PEI Prince Edward Island, ND North Dakota, CH China, MCRS Muck Crops Research Station