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Table 1 F2, PH207, and C103 de novo assembly metrics

From: High throughput genotyping of structural variations in a complex plant genome using an original Affymetrix® axiom® array

Maize lineNumber of scaffoldsMin sizeMax sizeAverage sizeN50Total (Mb)% of NsComplete BUSCOs (C)Fragmented BUSCOs (F)Missing BUSCOs (M)
  1. Number of scaffold: The number of scaffold sequences assembled, Min Size: the length of the shortest scaffold, Max size: the length of the longest scaffold, Average Size: the average size of scaffolds, N50: N50 of the assembly, Total: the total number of bases included in the assembly, % of Ns: the percentage of Ns present in the assembly; BUSCO statistics included the percentage of complete (C), fragmented (F) and missing (M) BUSCO genes from a total of 1440 BUSCO genes.