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Table 3 Breed group total number of genome positions that display SNP copy number gains and losses

From: Inter- and intra-breed genome-wide copy number diversity in a large cohort of European equine breeds

Breeds N of individuals SNP CNV % Unique private CNVa
gains losses gains losses
Draught 624 7527 (12.06) 6041 (9.68) 1.99 18.66
Warmblood 864 13,133 (15.20) 5591 (6.47) 8.62 19.19
Friesian 266 56,033 (210.65) 7142 (26.85) 10.47 1.43
  1. SNP CNVs compared to the average signal of the reference (Belgian draught horse). The average number of SNP CNVs / group cluster is given within brackets. The percentage of group specific (unique private) SNP CNV gains and losses in the genome are also shown. aThe sex chromosomes are not included in the total genome size. Every genome position showed a particular SNP CNV in at least 1% of the samples within breed group