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Table 2 Genes located downstream of the IS3-like element

From: Genome rearrangements induce biofilm formation in Escherichia coli C – an old model organism with a new application in biofilm research

  Gene name Function
1. B6N50_06210–15 (2 genes) Unknown function and small toxic protein ShoB
2 B6N50_07905–890 (4 genes) Acetate CoA-transferase subunit alpha, acetate CoA-transferase subunit beta, short-chain fatty acids transporter and acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase
3 B6N50_12005–12,000 (2 genes) Restriction endonuclease (pseudogene- missing start), RNA polymerase subunit sigma-70 (pseudogene- missing stop)
4 B6N50_11960–55 (2 genes) Hypothetical protein, hypothetical protein
5 B6N50_05830 (1 gene) Hypothetical protein
6 B6N50_05870 (1 gene) DEAD/DEAH box helicase
7 B6N50_10145 (1 gene) Hypothetical protein
8 B6N50_11585 (1 gene) Hypothetical protein
9 B6N50_11780–85 (2 genes) TIGR00156 family protein, sensor domain-containing diguanylate cyclase
10 B6N50_11960 (1 gene) Hypothetical protein
11 B6N50_12235–260 (6 genes) NarK family nitrate/nitrite MFS transporter, nitrate reductase subunit alpha, nitrate reductase subunit beta, nitrate reductase molybdenum cofactor assembly chaperone NarW, respiratory nitrate reductase subunit gamma, hypothetical protein
12 B6N50_19300–320 (5 genes) Outer membrane usher protein, fimbrial protein, fimbrial protein StaE, fimbrial protein StaF, hypothetical protein