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Table 4 All isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina in addition to isolates 11–12 and Al-1 that were sequenced with Illumina and pathogenicity tested

From: Assembly, annotation, and comparison of Macrophomina phaseolina isolates from strawberry and other hosts

Isolate Host of isolate origin Location of isolate origin (California) Pathogenic on Strawberry NCBI Data Accession
11–21 Cantaloupe Los Banos No SAMN09764508
11–22 Cantaloupe Los Banos No SAMN09764509
13–10 Watermelon Imperial County No SAMN09764510
13–11 Watermelon Imperial County No SAMN09764511
14–177 Sunflower Imperial County No SAMN09764512
14–24 Strawberry Stanislaus County No SAMN09764513
14–26 Strawberry Ventura County No SAMN09764514
14–27 Strawberry  Ventura County No SAMN09764515
14–4 Almond Fresno No SAMN09764516
14–45 Lima bean Santa Clara County No SAMN09764517
14–48 Lima bean Santa Clara County No SAMN09764518
16–13 Strawberry Santa Barbara County No SAMN09764519
11–14 Strawberry Ventura County Yes SAMN09764520
11–5 Strawberry California nursery Yes SAMN09764521
12–27 Strawberry Santa Cruz County Yes SAMN09764522
13–30 Strawberry Monterey County Yes SAMN09764523
13–45 Strawberry Monterey County Yes SAMN09764524
14–134 Strawberry Santa Clara County Yes SAMN09764525
14–140 Pepper Santa Clara County Yes SAMN09764526
14–170 Strawberry Oxnard County Yes SAMN09764527
14–20 Strawberry Ventura County Yes SAMN09764528
14–21 Strawberry Ventura County Yes SAMN09764529
14–22 Strawberry Stanislaus County Yes SAMN09764530
14–62 Strawberry Santa Maria County Yes SAMN09764531
15–47 Strawberry Salinas Yes SAMN09764532
15–69 Strawberry Salinas Yes SAMN09764533
15–87 Strawberry California nursery Yes SAMN09764534
15–89 Strawberry California nursery Yes SAMN09764535
16–14 Strawberry San Luis Obispo Yes SAMN09764536
16–15 Strawberry San Luis Obispo Yes SAMN09764537