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Fig. 8

From: Genome-wide analysis, transcription factor network approach and gene expression profile of GH3 genes over early somatic embryogenesis in Coffea spp

Fig. 8

Expression profile of CaBBM and its regulatory relationships with CaGH3.9, CaGH3.13, CaGH3.15 and CaGH3.16. a Expression pattern of CaBBM in non-embryogenic cells (NEC), embryogenic cells (EC) and embryogenic cell suspension (ECS) measured by RT-qPCR; b Co-expression analysis of CaBBM gene with CaGH3.9, CaGH3.13, CaGH3.15 and CaGH3.16, inferred by Spearman’s method; dark blue means significant positive Spearman’s correlation, light blue non-significant and light red non-significant negative Spearman’s correlation

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