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Table 1 Chicken genes lacking mammalian homologs. ML/IL ratio: ratio of gene expression in the liver of 38-week laying hens (ML) to the expression in the liver of 10-week juvenile pullets (IL)

From: Integrative analysis of transcriptomic data related to the liver of laying hens: from physiological basics to newly identified functions

Name [Gallus gallus] Gene symbol/Gene ID/chromosomic localization ML/IL Ratio Subcellular location/ short resume of biological functions
riboflavin-binding protein RBP/396449/Chr8 66.92 Secreted/Vitamin metabolism
vitellogenin-3 VTG3/424534/Chr8 45.88 Secreted/Ion metabolism
apovitellenin-1 APOV1/396476/Chr1 42.38 Secreted/Lipase inhibitor
cathepsin E-A-like CTSEAL/417848/Chr1 34.85 Secreted/Proteolysis
vitellogenin-1 VTG1/424547/Chr8 33.79 Secreted/Ion metabolism
family with sequence similarity 20, member C-like FAM20CL/418020/Chr1 11.44 Cell/Ion metabolism (calcium)-Biomineralization
avidin-related protein 6-like LOC426220/426220/ChrW 10.48 Secreted/Vitamin and cofactor metabolisms
microsomal triglyceride transfer protein-like MTTPL/769580/Chr6 7.65 Secreted/Lipid metabolism
sulfotransferase SULT/395933/Chr3 5.47 Cell/?
probable 2-ketogluconate reductase-like 2KTGRL/100858664/Chr2 1.71 Cell/?
fibronectin type III domain containing 3A-like FNDC3AL/422151/Chr4 1.59 Membrane/?
A-kinase anchor protein 17B-like LOC422372/422372/Chr4 1.37 Cell/Protein metabolism
serine/arginine-rich splicing factor 5a SRSF5A/423265/Chr5 1.36 Cell/?