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Table 2 Genes overexpressed in livers of mature hens, that are predicted to be secreted and whose protein products have been identified in egg yolk and/or vitelline membrane. EY, egg yolk; VM, vitelline membrane [13,14,15]. ML/IL ratio: ratio of gene expression in the liver of 38-week laying hens (ML) to the expression in the liver of 10-week juvenile pullets (IL)

From: Integrative analysis of transcriptomic data related to the liver of laying hens: from physiological basics to newly identified functions

Name [Gallus gallus] Gene Symbol/ID Localization Ratio ML/IML Subcellular location
riboflavin-binding protein RBP/396449 EY;VM 66.92 Secreted
vitellogenin-3 VTG3/424534 EY;VM 45.88 Secreted
apovitellenin-1 APOV/396476 EY;VM 42.37 Secreted
cathepsin E-A-like CSTEAL/417848 EY;VM 34.85 Secreted
vitellogenin-1 VTG1/424547 EY;VM 33.79 Secreted
WAP four-disulfide core domain 8 WFDC8/419301 EY 20.87 Secreted
zona pellucida sperm-binding protein 1 ZP1/395418 EY;VM 15.05 Secreted
avidin-related protein 6-like LOC426220/426220 EY;VM 10.48 Secreted
lactadherin MFGE8/415494 EY;VM 5.75 Secreted
transcobalamin-2 TCN2/429737 EY 5.47 Secreted
apolipoprotein B APOB/396535 EY;VM 5.13 Secreted
ovochymase-1 OVCH1/769290 VM 4.01 Secreted
nidogen-1 NID1/395531 EY 2.77 Secreted
uncharacterized protein LOC421956 LINC00954/421956 VM 2.97 Secreted
fibulin-1 FBLN1/373979 EY 2.35 Secreted
thrombospondin-2 THBS2/414837 VM 1.53 Secreted
ceruloplasmin CP/771940 EY 1.50 Secreted
vitamin D-binding protein GC/395696 EY 1.48 Secreted