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Table 2 Summary of QTL detected by GEMMA for BW in U.S. Gelbvieh beef cattle

From: Genome-wide association and genotype by environment interactions for growth traits in U.S. Gelbvieh cattle

Chr_MbMAF-log10 P-valueSupporting SNPsPositional Candidate GenesLead SNP LocationScientific Precedence [reference]; organism; trait
14_25a0.39829.5641PLAG13’UTR[2, 14, 18, 21, 30, 32,33,34]; Cattle; SimAngus mid-test metabolic weight association, carcass weight, stature, body weight and milk
6_39a0.29323.71140NCAPGExonb[18, 21, 30, 35,36,37,38,39]; Cattle, chicken; stature, calving ease and growth traits association, SimAngus mid-test metabolic weight association, fetal growth, carcass trait association, average daily gain and daily feed intake, muscle mass
14_26a0.39614.6333IMPAD1, FAM110BIntergenic[30, 32, 34, 40]; Cattle; SimAngus mid-test metabolic weight association, carcass weight association, stature and body weight association, bone and cartilage system
6_42a0.1869.669KCNIP4Intron[39, 41, 42]; Chicken, cattle, human; growth and muscle mass trait association, potassium channel activity
14_24a0.2448.9335XKR4Intron[2, 30, 43, 44]; Cattle; birth weight association, SimAngus mid-test metabolic weight association, growth trait association, feed intake and growth traits
20_05a0.1938.6521LOC104975192, STC2Intergenic[30, 45]; Cattle, mouse; mid-test metabolic weight in Hereford and SimAngus, developing and adult tissue maintenance, body size, related to post-natal growth
7_93a0.2838.0030ARRDC3, LOC104972872Intergenic[14, 22, 30, 46]; Cattle; body and carcass weight association, calving ease, average daily gain in Hereford, growth and muscularity, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, and ribeye area in Angus
6_38a0.0537.9023IBSP, LOC104972726Intergenic[13, 47,48,49]; Cattle, mouse, human; yearling weight association, bone formation and remodeling, cellular proliferation, milk fat and protein association
6_41a0.4077.255LOC782905, SLIT2Intergenic[39, 49,50,51,52,53]; Cattle, chicken, human; milk fat and protein association, organ and muscle weight, development of central nervous system, tumor suppressor activity
14_23a0.4676.193ST18Intron[54]; Human; regulation of apoptosis and inflammatory response
6_34a0.0395.988LOC104972717, LOC526089IntergenicNA
6_40a0.3045.252LCORL, LOC782905Intergenic[18, 21, 37,38,39, 50, 55, 56]; Cattle, sheep; stature, muscle and organ growth, feed intake and gain association, growth and carcass traits, skeletal growth and muscle mass
  1. a Indicates QTL was detected in EMMAX analysis
  2. b Indicates a predicted nonsynonymous mutation Ile➔Met, exon 9