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Table 1 Genetic profiles of cv. ‘Moscatel Galego Branco’ and its red-skinned revertant variant cv. ‘Moscatel Galego Roxo’ based on a set of microsatellite markers used for true-to-type confirmation (12 SSR loci) and for characterization of the berry color locus and its surrounding genomic region (10 SSR loci). The grey background indicates the putatively homozygous regions. ho – homozygous; Gret1 – non-functional allele; Solo3’LTR – functional allele

From: Genetic analysis of a white-to-red berry skin color reversion and its transcriptomic and metabolic consequences in grapevine (Vitis vinifera cv. ‘Moscatel Galego’)

CultivarLayerBerry skin Colorb            
Moscatel Galego RoxoL1 + L2R130–130224–232231–247175–191185–195249–253165–204243–265261–269182–186159–161360–371
Moscatel Galego BrancoL1 + L2W130–130224–232231–247175–191185–195249–253165–204243–265261–269182–186159–161360–371
CultivarLayerBerry skin Colorb            
Moscatel Galego RoxoL1 + L2RhohohohoT/TGret1/Solo 3’LTRhohohohohoho
L2hohohohoT/TGret1/Solo 3’LTRhohohohohoho
Moscatel Galego BrancoL1 + L2WhohohohoT/TGret1hohohohohoho
  1. a LG – Linkage group; b R – Red; W - White