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Table 3 Compound mutant mice with cleft lip

From: MicroRNA-124-3p suppresses mouse lip mesenchymal cell proliferation through the regulation of genes associated with cleft lip in the mouse

NoGene symbolGene nameReferencePMIDNoteCleft type
1Bbs7 & Ift88Bardet-Biedl syndrome 7 & intraflagellar transport 88[62]22228099Bbs7−/−;Ift88orpk double mutant mice exhibit CL at E12.5. No information about cleft palate at later stages. The single mutant mice do not show CL nor CP. Ift88orpk is a hypomorphic allele.CLO or CLP
2Fgf8 & Tfap2fibroblast growth factor 8 & transcription factor AP-2, alpha[42]25381013Tfap2null/neo;Fgf8+/− mice show bilateral CL and CP in 10/18 and unilateral CL/P in 8/10. This compound mutant mouse is a rescue model of Tfap2anull/neo mice.CLP
3Gdf1 & Nodalgrowth differentiation factor 1 & nodal[63]16564040Gdf1−/−;Nodal+/− mutant mice show CL at 68% at E13.5.CLO
4Hhat & Ptch1hedgehog acyltransferase & patched 1[64]24590292HhatTg(Tfap2a-Cre)/+;Ptch1+/− double heterozygous mice show CL and primary palate cleft at E12.5.CLP
5Lrp6 & Rspo2low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 6 & R-spondin 2[65]21237142Lrp6+/−;Rspo2−/− mutant mice show CL and CP in 1/6 or CPO in 5/6.CLP or CPO
6Mirc1 & Mirc3 (aka miR-17-92 & miR-106b-25)microRNA cluster 1 & microRNA cluster 3[24]24068957Mirc1null/null;Mirc3null/nul mutant mice show bilateral CL and CP in 100%, and mandibular cleft at 100%. Mirc1null/null;Mirc3null/+ mutant mice show bilateral CL/P in 67.5% and unilateral CL/P at 12.5%, and mandibular cleft at 57.5%.CLP
7Msx1 & Pax9msh homeobox1 & paired box 9[66]20123092Msx1−/−;Pax9−/− double KO mice show either unilateral or bilateral CL at 39%, CP and midfacial hypoplasia at 100%.CLP or CPO
8Pbx1 & Pbx2pre B cell leukemia homeobox 1 & pre B cell leukemia homeobox 2[49]21982646Foxg1-Cre;Pbx1F/F;Pbx2−/− double cKO mice show bilateral CL. Foxg1-Cre;Pbx1F/F;Pbx2+/− mice show bilateral CL and CP. Tcfap2a-Cre;Pbx1F/F;Pbx2+/− mice show CL and/or CP. Pbx1−/−;Pbx2+/− mutant mice show CL and CP.CLO, CLP, or CPO
9Pbx1 & Wnt9bpre B cell leukemia homeobox 1 & wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 9B[49]21982646Foxg1-Cre;Pbx1+/−;Wnt9bF/F mice show bilateral CL at 100% and CP.CLO or CLP
10Pbx1 & Pbx3pre B cell leukemia homeobox 1 & pre B cell leukemia homeobox 3[49]21982646Pbx1−/−;Pbx3+/− mutant mice show either unilateral or bilateral CL and/or CP. Tcfap2a-Cre;Pbx1F/F;Pbx3+/− mutants show CL and/or CP. Foxg1-Cre;Pbx1F/F;Pbx3+/− mutants show CL and/or CP.CLO, CLP, or CPO
  1. CLO, cleft lip only; CLP, cleft lip and cleft palate; CPO, cleft palate only