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Table 4 Annotation of carbohydrate metabolism-related DEGs identified in pairwise comparisons of stages in developmental aerial stem-to-rhizome transition of Gynostemma pentaphyllum

From: Integrated transcriptome and miRNA analysis uncovers molecular regulators of aerial stem-to-rhizome transition in the medical herb Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Gene IDGene namelog2 Fold ChangeAnnotation
Stage 1 vs Stage 2Stage 2 vs Stage 3Stage 1 vs Stage 3
c57893.graph_c0GpSUS-a0.444.17a4.62aSucrose synthase
c58010.graph_c0GpSUS-b0.600.591.18aSucrose synthase
c63160.graph_c0GpGBSS0.410.731.12aGranule-bound starch synthase
c51009.graph_c0KING11.95a2.25a4.23aSNF1-related protein kinase regulatory subunit gamma-1
c55307.graph_c0GpCESA-a3.68a0.674.34aCellulose synthase A
c59421.graph_c0GpCESA-b3.47a0.634.08aCellulose synthase A
c58320.graph_c0GpCESA-c1.51a0.421.92aCellulose synthase A
  1. aDEGs with FDR <0.01, |log2 fold change| ≥1